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Give the gift of design, and your loved one will have a gift that gives back to them all year long.

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A Rich Blue (Hues of Blue)

Blue is always a favorite color for decorating.

Blue is always a favorite color for decorating.


Sky blue, light blue, royal blue, turquoise, cornflower…there are an endless number of names for the various shades of blue.


Each one trying to capture the essence of the color, to evoke a particular feeling, and in the hopes that someone will fall in love with it.

Royal Blue

It happened to me with this shade of blue – Maritime Blue.  It’s darkness, the all-encompassing saturation of this shade of blue really does it for me.

Words I use to describe this color of blue (see if you agree with me):

  1. Dark
  2. Deep
  3. Lush
  4. Mysterious
  5. Boundless
  6. Enveloping
  7. Rich
  8. Cave-like
  9. Stable
  10. Authoritarian
  11. Moody
  12. Royal

Maritime Blue – post from SERreal Designs on Facebook (Original article by Philippa May for Country and Townhouse  – https://www.countryandtownhouse.co.uk/interiors/interiors-colour-trends-blue/)

Turquoise pattern

There are various ways to combine different blues when creating a palette of colors.

Here’s a way that I’ve used in the past:

  1. First you need to start with a hue family, which in this case would be the blue hue family.
  2. The second step is to pick a shade of blue that appeals to you.
  3. Next you will want to play around with various shades of the blue you chose – meaning you’ll look at blues that are either darker or lighter than your chosen color.
  4. Pick blues that are close together on the color wheel for a cohesive and pleasing look.

Tip:  Use a color wheel to help you figure out what other blues are in the same hue family.

Here’s a great example of several shades of blue used in a color palette, along with some accent colors to round out the whole color scheme.

You can obtain some really striking effects even within the same hue family by using a very light shade of the color you’ve chosen as an accent color.

Color Inspiration 73 @DunnEdwards Paint

Photo credit:  Lori Sawaya at swatchright.com

Colorgraphicals, Swatch right, and The Land of Color

The above graphic comes from Lori Sawaya who blogs at The Land of Color.

The graphic is called a “Colorgraphical” and you can find it on her website at Swatch Right.  Lori developed the Swatch Right system to enable easier paint sample testing.

Lori’s a well-known and respected color strategist who uses colorimetry (see Wikipedia definition) to specify architectural color for the built environment.

She’s also the brains and expert behind “Camp Chroma“.  Camp Chroma is a color course for those who use color in their profession or business, and it’s also for anyone who wants to learn about how color works, and the science and history behind it.

Okay back to Maritime Blue.  The name is seaworthy, don’t you think?  I think the name is, because of the word “maritime”.  However, this blue doesn’t remind me necessarily of the sea or an ocean because it’s too dark, (personal opinion here).

It does remind me of a lake.  A smooth, tranquil lake up in the mountains surrounded by pine trees.  Barely noticeable ripples on the surface from the fish swimming below, or the dragonflies dipping in for a swift drink of the cool water.  Ahhh yes, that’s it.  But I’m drifting off to dream here.  I think you can see my vision.

No matter what you picture when you gaze upon this color, remember that you can play with it in your space, whether it be your bedroom, a den, or even your workspace.

Go bold and paint the whole room, or be demure and use subtle hints of this blue in your accent decor.

Have fun with it!

Florida Rooms


Florida Room by SERrealDesigns

The Florida Room is a common sight in homes where the weather is warm most of the year.

Also known as a sun room, solarium, garden room, sun parlor, sun porch, patio room, garden conservatory, or winter garden, these rooms are usually attached the to main structure of a home and enclosed to keep the occupants protected from the weather.

They’re almost a “must have” in luxury homes such as those offered by Douglas Elliman of Florida – Douglas Elliman of Florida.

Even if you don’t have a luxury home, your screened in sun room or porch will do.  Just make sure that you incorporate elements of décor that make you comfortable, and stay true to your style and taste.

Here are some tips on making your “Florida Room” comfortable and cozy during the  winter season:

  1. use comfortable furniture that will look good during the warm months as well as during the cooler months
  2. make sure there’s plenty of seating for the whole family and guests that may drop by
  3. tables and stools are a must-have to sit your décor on, as well as drinks, magazines and board games
  4. make sure you have plenty of lighting – even though in these types of rooms there’ll usually be plenty of light from the windows, you may want to entertain or cozy up when it’s raining at night time
  5. use various textiles and fabrics in your décor; throws, pillows, rugs, and even wall hangings can liven up the room with color, texture and pattern.  This will keep your room from feeling like a mausoleum
  6. Bring in a lot of flowers and plants to give you the feeling that you’re still connected to nature even though you’re inside on a gloomy day
  7. Don’t forget your pets – go ahead and bring in their beds and toys to keep them occupied and so they have a soft place to curl up.  This way they can still be included in family time
  8. Artwork and other décor items can personalize your Florida Room and make it feel like an extension of your main house.  Don’t be afraid to bring in that crazy, colorful piece to hang on the wall as a focal point
  9. Wallpaper is another way to add dimension and interest to the room, too
  10. If you have a smaller room, use mirrors and mirrored furniture to bounce the light around and give the feeling of a larger space

Beautiful, light-filled Florida room looking out to the ocean – Photo credit:  Douglas Elliman of Florida
Peaceful, zen-inspired room – Photo credit: kirana kirana (via Soto Kopyok)

Facebook Live – Featuring April Elizabeth Hewitt of AE Design

April Elizabeth Hewitt, AE Interior DesignPhoto credit: April Elizabeth Hewitt, AE Interior Design

What’s TRENDING in the design world?  Have you ever wondered why lime green is a hot color, what made it a hot color and who decided it was a hot color?

Or who decided that woven wall hangings or modular furniture was the “it” item to decorate your home with this year?  Stay tuned.

Interior designer and artist, April Elizabeth Hewitt of AE Interior Design, gives you a first-hand account of this mysterious aspect of the interior design world.

Watch, listen and learn as April explains how trends come about, and if you should use them or not.


Not only an accomplished interior designer and artist, April is well-versed in color theory, space planning, furniture and decor selection, and also deals with the retail aspects of design, as well as her own private clients.

This gives her the unique position of being able to explain this “trend” phenomenon in plain English so we all can understand.

You can also watch her video here:  April’s live video on SERreal Designs

October 26 at #KBtribechat – The Business of Design

I’m really looking forward to this chat. Designers – #KBtribechat is a plethora of design info for the kitchen and bath industry. Feel free to join in or just follow along.


A management discussion
hosted by Arielle Mégie

fullsizeoutput_3d28 Our host Arielle Mégie (second from left) with Armen Alajian (Arto Brick), Stacy Garcia and Home Advisor at KBIS 2015

As an independent designer, I find myself with many daily challenges!

My KBtribechat Questions: 

Q1.) What are the pros and cons of having a showroom or a business office with samples?

Q2.) Do you charge a design fee for the initial consultation or add it into your project estimate? Explain your reasoning!

Q3.) How do you communicate possible design choices to your clients? Do you bring samples or show pictures?  Do you use an iPad or paper catalogs or go to a showroom to see actual displays?

Q4.) Making an accurate estimate without a design is problematic but many clients don’t want to proceed without a budget idea. How do you solve this?

Q5.) Please share your successful design business tips!

Join this…

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Inspired to create by the color Tiffany Blue & my Wedding…

inspired to create by...

So yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary. I probably should have written about my wedding dress before now but life has been a whirlwind of changes & adjustments.

I met Craig a long time ago. At this point it would be around ten years now. There aren’t many people who know the story of how we met or how he came into my life much like a knight in shining armor rescuing a damsel in distress…but he really did in a sense & even fought off some dragons for me.

Because this blog centers around my creating I am not going to tell that story though. What I know is that I we are together for a reason.

When we were dating & talking about getting married there were a lot of things we weren’t sure we could reconcile between work schedules, economic pressures, exes & some family member’s, so that we could have a traditional…

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Fall Colors on the Mountain

Right now I’m seeing this beautiful tree’s colors through the pine tree’s branches.  It’s a bright and refreshing shade of green with yellow  – the sun’s shining on it.

The darker green and rust-colored  pinecones are seen from our front deck.

The bright Kelly green Bermuda grass in our front yard is a beautiful spot of color on this fall day.

And the rough textured bark from the pine tree, along with the dark browns and grays feel suited to an autumn day.

More muted than the grass and the green/yellow tree color of the first picture, this thorny bush outside of our front fence has a darker sage color to its leaves.

Why Paint Looks Different Once You Get It Home – Lori Sawaya, Color Strategist explains why

This article from Lori Sawaya at The Land of Color explains why the paint color you bought at the store may look different once you get it home

This article from Lori Sawaya at The Land of Color explains why the paint color you bought at the store may look different once you get it home, to the job site, or wherever you’re going to be using it.

They look so different here at home, I wonder why? Credit: http://www.thelandofcolor.com

Why Colors Look Different in the Store vs. at Home


This has happened to me before and it’s really frustrating when you spend the money, and don’t get what you thought you paid for.

Lori is a well-known color strategist and in this article gives an explanation of why it happens, tools you can use to keep it from happening, and a lot of other information.

Bookmark her post for future reference – it’ll come in really handy.

Read it on my Facebook page:  SERreal Designs featuring The Land of Color

Be sure to check out Lori’s website for more great info on color!

The Land of Color