The GOPHER, the CAT and ME

Bahahaha!!! Great story, and so glad you saved the little guy 😄


Two days ago, I was sitting in my chair, screen door open, drinking my coffee and bamm!  Baby girl Sage (my puppy dog) ran out the door.  I knew something was happening right away.  I jumped and followed her and there beneath my canopy was my baby boy Starr (my orange cat) and he had a gopher in his mouth and was wagging his big fluffy tail.

If the gopher had been dead I would have let this go but; no, the silly thing was still alive and kicking his little feet like crazy.  I run.  I tell my Starr “let him go right now!”  Did he listen to me?  What do you think.  No.  He starts running all around the front yard with me right behind him.  He dropped the critter a few times here and there.  I would pull the gopher to safety but instead of staying…

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