Backyard Planning

I’m trying to come up with ideas for our yard is well. I love the idea of the 4×4’s with the cinder blocks. Mind if I steal it?

beauty in grey days

This past week was full of discussions about the backyard. I shared photos in this post, but now that we have given it more thought, some of the ideas have evolved a bit. I want a backyard escape, a place to read, to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine. We love entertaining, so we would love to see more seating so that everyone is comfortable, and it wouldn’t hurt if we could get a lovely view from inside the house too. Now that I know which elements we can incorporate, and which elements are most important to us, I need a plan and a budget.

bench DIY

I found this image on Pinterest, and a great tutorial for the project at – This is the inspiration.

More seating for entertaining // We are going to make two benches at the back of the patio, most likely of cinder blocks and wood. From…

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