The Man in the Shed

My husband went to Lowe’s today to buy me some flowers for my garden.

Since he’s been wanting a shed he went over and looked at them. When he opened the door of one, there was a homeless man sleeping inside.

He had a brief conversation with the man, and then shut the door and let him go back to sleep.

When he got home and told me about this story he said to me “most people would’ve probably reported him”.

I want to say that I am so proud of my husband. He really does have a big heart .

I just wish the world had a bigger heart.

I love you Babe for bringing me home the best flower of all… kindness.



7 thoughts on “The Man in the Shed

  1. Shannon, that is just so sweet. I am also one guy that wouldn’t reported the homeless person, maybe the number of folks are moving more towards that column. I hope you have a great day. BTW thanks for deciding to follow my blog “Dealing with COPD” I hope I continue to provide posts that interest you. Take care, Bill

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