Mardi Gras Bead Ceiling Lamp

Oh my gosh, I love it!!!


ceiling lamp

Since the day I brought home a brass plated lamp with gray glass inserts about 25 years ago I’ve had to hear hubby’s snarky comments about how ugly it was. I originally bought it for our bedroom and it hung there for a time, but over the years it changed places until it finally ended up in my daughter’s bedroom.  I honestly didn’t think the lamp was all that bad but I decided to give it a make over of some kind because it had begun to look boring and outdated. I had purchased some Mardi Gras beads some time ago to make an outdoor chandelier for the garden but I bought too many of them and I had dozens left over. Since this lamp was in my daughter’s room, it didn’t have to be formal or serious looking.  Whimsical would do just fine and would also fit quite well with her…

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