World’s Oldest Leopard in Captivity


Photo credit:  this photo is from the Guiness Book of World Records’ website (article about Ivory the leopard).

My hubby just saw this black leopard in our vet’s ofc, NO JOKE!  and I didn’t go so I missed him, ugh!

Wow, I can’t believe it!  I should’ve gone with my husband to pick up our cat’s medicines.  He didn’t think to snap a pic so I looked it up.  His handler told my hubby about the Guiness part so that’s how I found the article.

My husband said he was just laying there sleeping but his tail was twitching.   I’m sure that leopard smelled and heard everything that was in that room, haha!

He said he was uncomfortable with that “cat” there.  It seems they had the door locked and there were no other critters around.  not surprised.

I remember years ago (in my partying days), I was at a tavern and guess what came into the bar?  Two, HUGE mountain lions!  and another exotic animal that I can’t remember it’s name, but it was so exciting.

I walked outside with one of the handlers of the male (the biggest one).  Boy let me tell you about having a feeling of fear!  That cat was pacing and pacing and you could just feel his energy and sense the power in his body.

They’re definitely nothing to mess with and I have the utmost respect for wildlife.

Well, I just had to share because I was so excited, me being an animal lover and all.


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