Progress on the Crosses Project

These crosses are one of my craft projects.  They are a thorn in my side, hmmpphh.

I started these a long, long time ago and got so frustrated I put them away.  This happens so quite often, I know, shame on me.


They’re actually part of a bigger project which is redecorating our master bedroom.

Please ignore my work table in the garage. I have done just about everything you can think of on this table, no I’m not talking about the sex thing!  Get your minds out of the gutter, lol… But I’m the one that said it right?!

I hope you’re not offended but I like to joke around.  Ok, onto some more pictures of these little guys.

The three pics below show a recent transformation (before the all black pics).

Yes I thought I had a brilliant idea. And that was to tear up a painting that I’d started and wasn’t happy with and decoupage it onto the crosses. Didn’t work for me.




Really bad picture of the main wall that’s the focus of my efforts.  It’s really a light blue that I let my husband pick out.


Ahhh, this is better.


I’ll be posting some more later on because as usual, I’m not done.

My next step in the plan is to use some caulking on the crosses.  WHAT?!! you’re saying!

I’m a tad nuts so tune in next time to see how,  or if, it turns out or not.

Have a wonderful and crazy weekend!


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