For Memories Sake – Take a Picture

I love this post. It’s a painful reminder for me personally that I really need to get rid of things I’ve been keeping for sentimental reasons. It’s just so darned hard! I guess I’m overly sentimental, haha. Great job!

Simple Living Over 50

photographerWhen it comes to getting rid of clutter around the house we often get stuck on those items that were handed down from our families. It sits on a shelf somewhere and collects dust and every so often we notice it and it makes us think about the memories of when we were younger. It may even represent the memories of an elder who has passed and it just seems almost morbid to get rid of it. These are called attachments and we all have them. There is nothing wrong with having attachments as they usually remind us of love.

Most of the time we manage to acquire these items when loved ones pass and family members gather those items that were most dear to their hearts. Over the years we could manage to collect many of these items and it can become overwhelming. I have known people through theā€¦

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