Happy Easter!

I broke down and colored some eggs for Easter.  And I’m cooking, which isn’t my favorite thing to do.


Please ignore my messy kitchen (just call me Tas), lol!

We don’t have kids at home (unless you count my husband), but because we’re both kind of childish anyhow 😆, I decided to do all of this to cheer him up because he’s been a bit grumpy lately.

I do believe it worked.  He went to the store and came back with chocolate bunnies, haha!



I found this on Pinterest and used it as a guide.  Remember, I love COLOR!  Just a little hint – the Apricot color didn’t work.  It turned green, so beware if you use this handy little guide from McCormick.

Aside from colorings eggs and cooking, I actually read my Bible today.  Don’t judge.   I know that’s horrible for me being a Christian and all.   Does reading verses on my phone count?

Today Jesus was resurrected from the tomb.  Can I get an Amen please?  I’m thankful for that because I believe.  Not to say I’ve never had any doubts,  but in blind faith, I believe.

With that said,  I’m totally looking forward to “A.D.” tonight.  I watched “The Bible” series last year, and of course spent the night in a mix of wonderment, gratitude, shame and tears.

This isn’t meant to be a religious post, or one about Easter eggs.  It’s not meant to be anything except my thoughts on today, and what a great day I’m having.  Except for the Jeep battery going dead…It’s always something, right?  Right.  Carry on as they say.

From my Bible (which is so precious to me, because of who gave it to me – my Mom):




I hope y’all have a beautiful day!



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