Home Office Redo

We’re making progress on redecorating my office.  We, meaning my hubby and I.

One project has turned into another, and another, and it keeps on going, lol!

I have a vision, yes I do.  No more walking into a dark cave…let there be light!


An unexpected design. I love flourishes.




The above pics were the work in progress.  Below are the before pics.






Keep in mind, these “before” pics are AFTER I’d torn the room apart so we could start painting.  We’d also already rearranged the furniture.

Crazy wall design, huh?!  I guess you could say I like “different and quirky”.  I’m not a professional painter, but since it’s my own office, it stays for now.

If I was decorating a client’s office, and they wanted decorative painting on the walls, I’d definitely hire a painting contractor!

Let me know what you think 😆

Have a beautiful weekend!


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