Colors for Fall

Happy Fridayyyy!!!  The first weekend of fall and so far, it’s just like summer.  It’s been in the 80’s and 90’s here on the mountain.

I just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone and see how y’all have been.

Me?  I’ve been busy taking care of “business”, you know, the boring stuff like bills and appointments.  I’ve also started painting again. And I’ve been busy posting on my Facebook page

This painting is a recent one and as you can see I’m using darker colors which remind me of fall.


No, I couldn’t resist this one.  This is a pic of Avan Jogia from his Instagram account.

Note the beautiful, rich colors.  Find a floor rug in these darker fall colors, a throw, some pillows, a few other decor pieces perhaps in copper, rosegold, or brass, and some artwork, and you’ve got yourself a living room ready for snuggling and hot chocolate.


Remember, as long as you use items in your home that aren’t permanently attached, you can easily change out the look and feel of any room in your home to suit the season, or your mood for that matter.

This picture from Erin Benzakein’s (@flowerforet) Instagram shows gorgeous dahlias in a drop-what-you’re-doing peachy/salmon color.  Another lighter color to use for fall decor.


This adorable little squirrel carving perfectly exudes the autumn feeling.  The color of the wood, and the fact that it’s a squirrel make me think of being in the forest and watching these little guys scamper around gathering nuts to store away for winter.  This one’s from Molly Kimball’s Instagram.


I hope you enjoy the upcoming season and making your home cozy for autumn.


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