GE to Launch Connected Lightbulbs That Better Echo Your Body’s Circadian Rhythms

With so many of us having problems getting to sleep and staying asleep, it’s no wonder  that sleep technology is a huge market for product research and development.

GE is launching new light bulbs that are supposed to help us get our circadian rhythm back in sync.

Visit or find them on Twitter @GElighting

Definition of circadian rhythym

Lots of us look for ways to help us get sleep.  Yoga, meditation, exercise, sleep aids, biofeedback, nature sounds, special mattresses and pillows, you name it.  We try it.

But what if, with the touch of a button (or an app), we could adjust our sleep deficits?  For those that are handicapped, disabled, have illnesses or chronic pain that prevents a lot of physical movement, wouldn’t this light bulb be an amazing help to them?  You betcha!

Think about a baby or crying child that has problems sleeping at night; could this technology help them?  Maybe.  It’s possible.

What about those with Alzheimer’s?  ADD?  Addictions?  Restless leg syndrome?  Cancer?  Autism?

The list could go on and on. The potential seems limitless, and the possibilities are mind blowing.

Here’s a Tweet from Entrepreneur about GE’s new bulbs:

These light bulbs are a genius idea in my opinion, and I’d love to try them out but the cost is a bit pricey at this point. Usually, after R&D costs are recovered product prices go down. So I think I’ll have to wait on this one.

What are your thoughts on this?  I’d love to hear what you think.  Leave me a comment below.



4 thoughts on “GE to Launch Connected Lightbulbs That Better Echo Your Body’s Circadian Rhythms

  1. Did you know that the original light bulbs Edison made are still burning in Naples, Florida? There is a bulb that has been burning for 114 years in California at a fire station. It has its own committee. The bulb is very dim now but it is still burning. The thing that annoys me is that the makers have the knowledge and means of make a light bulb burn for years but, of course, they want us to buy more bulbs so they make them poorly. The bulb that has burned for 114 years has only been turned off a very few times, when it was moved, which I understand is the reason it has lasted so long. Who knew there was so much to say about a light bulb, huh?


    1. I’ll definitely look that up Ginene. Very interesting. It’s so hard to believe a bulb could burn for 114 years!

      I live here in California and have never heard of the fire station bulb, or the committee. Lol!


  2. Shannon,
    This is indeed a wonderful idea. I am a little skeptical about GE though. Their everyday bulbs are so poorly made that I would hesitate to spend a lot on another one of their products. The idea is fabulous though.


    1. Hi Ginene. Thank for commenting. I haven’t noticed that problem with GE bulbs, but I do know that our bulbs seem to quit way too soon. Even the twirly ones (CFL’s?), LOL. Great comment and next time I buy bulbs I think I’ll do a comparison of brands šŸ˜†


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