Review Me on Houzz

Hello!  I hope you’re having a nice Veteran’s Day.  I’m remembering many family members today.

Ok, so let me get to it.  If you don’t know, I’m a professional on Houzz.  That really popular site for finding businesses to improve your home.  Et-cet-era 🙂


I’d like to ask you to give me a review there.  Even if you haven’t taken advantage of my services yet, if you like my design aesthetic, my Pinterest or Instagram accounts, or my posts here on the blog, head on over to Houzz and let people know what you think.

As I’m trying to build my business and a community, I’d love for you all to be a part of it.  That’s why you see me posting about “hey, check out my Facebook page” or come follow me on Twitter.  Haha!


Let’s face it, I’m not a marketing genius but since I’m one woman trying to make a go of this, because it happens to be something I love, marketing is a necessity for me.

Don’t forget – I do it online (virtually), AND, wait for it…I offer a free 20 minute consultation!

How about them apples?!  I know, I’m corny, but hey, that’s just me being me.

Thank you and I hope to some reviews soon ❤❤❤



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