Decorating for the new year?

Ahhh yes!  A fresh start, a clean slate. We all would like that.


What better way to refresh than redecorating your most important space – your home.  THE castle.  YOUR hideaway.

You just know once you get your home decorated the way you want, everything else will fall in place.

Apartment Therapy

And do you want to know something? This is really close to a true statement. Your environment affects your well being, your health, your mood, and your finances.

Uh oh, I just said the dreaded word, and I said it at Christmas time.  Finances!  Nobody wants to think about their finances during the holidays, am I right? No, we want to think about all of the sparkling lights and the glittering presents that we’re buying for

But to be honest, if you’re not organized in your home and things just don’t flow smoothly, you can spend time searching for things that you need, possibly duplicating purchases which cost you extra money.  We can’t have that!


So, back to the business of decorating.  Redecorating not only includes getting new “stuff”, but throwing stuff out, rearranging, reorganizing and repurposing.

For example, that old and beat up cardboard box you’re using for files?  Pretty ugly, right?  Toss it.  Get yourself a pretty filing cabinet, or a desk/filing cabinet combo.  There you have it – files put away, and it doesn’t look trashy.  You also have a surface to set some pretty knickknacks on, or a beautiful lamp.

The Style Files

Better Homes and Gardens

I hope you get the idea, and here’s to the holidays and our homes!



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