Be Unperfect

Resolutions.  It’s an old tradition isn’t it?  Making new year’s resolutions has been around for ages.

It’s kind of stressful, too. I think we all feel the pressure to be better in the new year than we were before, and to make changes in our lives.

I make resolutions, too. But rarely do I keep them. I get disappointed in myself, but I’ve got to remember that I’m only human.

All we can do is keep trying to improve. It’s a day-by-day thing; a continuing process.

I made this little graphic to remind us all that being imperfect isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes our imperfections are what makes us beautiful and unique.

Feel free to copy the graphic and put it wherever you want.


Wishing you a wonderful new year with lots of surprises, revelations, and acceptance.



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