SuperBowl 50 – Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos

It’s time for an epic battle and I want to know who you’re rooting for!


I reposted the @NFL’s photo on @Instagram.

Panthers vs Broncos

The Carolina Panthers @Panthers is my team, but I love the heck out of Peyton Manning.  I’ve always liked the Broncs, too.

They’re both great teams but to be honest, Carolina is just wicked strong with their defense.

Usually their offense is okay but with Cam Newton as their quarterback, I believe he’s going to carry them to a win.  Not only does Cam have a great throwing arm, but he’s a running quarterback as well, so he’s double trouble.

Experience is on Peyton and the @Broncos’ side, however, I think their morale may have taken a hit.

1)  the Panthers’ almost perfect game-winning season

2)  Cam was named MVP of the year

3)  Coach Ron Rivera was named Coach of the Year

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Today’s a big day for football but you’re probably wondering what does has to do with interior decorating. Well, some may say not a whole lot. I say, you can incorporate your team’s colors and your home or office.

Carolina Panthers fans:  turquoise and black!  Awesome colors that lend sophistication and some mystery to a space.  Go on and do it. #KeepPounding

Denver Broncos fans:  blue and orange, are you kidding me?  This is a great combo for adding life to a space.  Small pops here and there and you’re set!

Ok, that’s it for me right now.  I’ve made homemade enchiladas, we got Grandma’s Spanish rice, chips, salsa, and Ranch dip.  Yum!

Don’t forget to leave a comment about which team you think is going to take home this year’s trophy.  Have an awesome SuperBowl day y’all!



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