Architectural Tidbits in Pine Mountain Club, California


When my hubby and I went on our Valentine’s Day road trip to Pine Mountain Club, I snapped a few photos of houses that had some interesting features that I liked.

House #1

The two triangular windows on this one caught my eye.


They’re stained glass with no color.


I love the flower pattern, too.


Do you also see the carved pine trees a bit below, and in the middle of them?  What a sweet little detail!

House #2


I always have to gawk at  this house when I go up to Pine Mountain Club.

It’s an absolute beauty.  It has gingerbread trim work which gives it a whimsical feel.


The paint colors are also out of the norm for a regular, contemporary-style home, but for this home they work perfectly.

They add to the fairytale sense of the home.


The main body of the building looks to be a greenish-gray, and the gingerbread is a darker mauve.


Pine Mountain Club is a small town with mostly log and wood homes.  The whole town has that “mountain” feel about it, and it’s expensive to buy or rent there.

The whole town is an HOA, if you can believe that.  Weird, I know.  But to be honest, it works because it’s a clean, beautiful town with a quaint feel.

This gingerbread home seems like it’d be out of place, but it actually blends in quite well.  I think this is due to the subdued color palette.


Here’s a picture of what I like to think of as the tower. 

I can imagine a cozy sitting room with a fireplace, some well-worn velvet chairs, and an old Victorian chandelier.

Someday maybe I’ll get to see the inside of it!  Wouldn’t that be a treat…

If you ever get to Pine Mountain Club, you won’t miss it if you stay on the main road.  She sits there in all her glory for everyone to see.

The log cabin with the two triangle windows is back down in a neighborhood and we probably couldn’t find it again, haha.

You can Google “Pine Mountain Club California” for more information on this sweet little gem, hidden away in the Los Padres National Forest in the Southern California mountains.



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