My First Article for Domino Magazine


image article cover

1)  Ariel Finelt Shoemaker is an absolutely incredible mosaic artist (visit her website at Mosaics by Ariel Finelt Shoemaker, and also find her on @Houzz),

2)  and also because I wrote this article for Domino Magazine!

I didn’t share it previously because it didn’t link right, and I’ve been working with Domino to try and get it fixed.

Some people have been able to see the article, which is great.  I myself, cannot see it.

Yesterday Domino contacted me and said that their tech support team couldn’t figure out the problem, and offered as a resolution, that perhaps I could delete the original article and repost it.

I am going to try Domino’s suggestion, and I wanted to let everyone know who may have already seen Ariel’s original post.

Domino Magazine is a heavy hitter in the design industry, and I personally love reading it.  So needless to say, Ariel and I were both disappointed and frustrated when this problem occurred.

This was my first time writing for a magazine, and my first time interviewing someone!   It’s been a great experience; Ariel is so easy to work with, and since we’re both positive and determined people, we haven’t quit trying on this project.

Keep your fingers crossed for Ariel and I that the second article will process correctly.



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