Need to Wake Up? Try Some Games!

Good morning, good morning!  It’s Friday, yay!  Get up, rise and shine, let’s see those pearly whites 😆

Wake Up!

Hard time waking up?  Ya me, too.  Besides tons of coffee, I’ve found playing games gets my mind spinning.  And I mean that in a good way.

Morning coffee

Several years ago my Mom got started playing a game called Ravenhearst by Big Fish Games.  It’s a hidden object game.  Pretty soon, we all were playing it; the kids, my hubby and me.  Addicting to say the least (thanks Mom).

Soon after I graduated to Candy Crush, playing along with family and friends on Facebook.  Then it kept on going.

Google Play Store

I still curse my Mom for getting me hooked, but there’s something Ive come to realize.  Games can be good for you!  Huh, did she just say that?  You’re darn right I did.

Besides waking up your sluggish mind, you can learn things, and increase your speed in thinking.

Along with my coffee, I play games in the morning. No matter how gooky-eyed I am, the games get those brain juices flowing, they make me think, and it helps to wake me up.

There are educational, creative, zen, action, simulation games, you name it.  For creative people, there’s even a game that let’s you try to pick the order, by intensity, a set of colors should be in.

There’s no limit and I’m sure most of us have experimented with at least a few.

Here are some of my favorites:

Nibblers – I love the little noises the  creatures make and how they raz me when they’re winning

Level 246

Clockmaker – this one’s like being back in an old town in Europe

Harder than it looks!

Lost Jewels – you have to be quick and this isn’t your typical puzzle game

Level 116

Quell – a calm game to play, but you have to try really hard to figure out how  get an object from one place to the other

Several versions of Quell

Blendoku – this is the one I told you is for creatives; see how good you are with color

Check out Blendoku 2 as well

I have a Samsung Note 3 and of course it’s an Android, so I get my games from the Google Play Store.  Some games are available on both Apple and Android phones.

Have fun with this, and I hope you check them out.  Let me know what games you play and what you think of these.



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