No Gift for Mother’s Day?


*reposted from Instagram*

🏡 SERreal Designs 🏡 is my #interior #decorating business.  I do it virtually, which means I’m an #e-designer. ❤ MOTHER’S DAY ❤ is next Sunday, so I thought I’d put a bug in your ear.


A great gift idea (that’s also unique and custom-made), is to give that special lady a room makeover.  Can you imagine how shocked she would be? 😮 I CAN DO THIS FOR YOU 💯🏡 I can also put together a new color palette that will be just for the mom in your life.  One-of-a-kind colors you can use to turn her space into her favorite place.


I’ll work with you in a way that makes it easy for you, which means we’ll use email, phone, Facebook, Skype, text, Pinterest, etc.


Now I’ll give you some links to find me (it’s not hard, just search for SERreal Designs or SERrealDesigns on the web) because I’m almost everywhere 😂😄!

SERreal Designs on Facebook

I also have an Etsy shop:

SERreal Designs on Etsy 🎨

DID YOU KNOW I’M AN ARTIST, TOO? 🎨 Self-taught, amateur, but hoping to become professional.

Acrylic on canvas, donation to charity event for Interior Designer, Tyler Wisler

This means I can also paint you a piece of custom art for that special lady.

Visit me on (there’s also a tab on my Facebook page called “SHOP” where you can check out my art and make a purchase). Here’s the link:

Shannon Redwine on

My email is

Get in touch with me and let’s get this party started 🎉🎶🎈🎵🎨🎁🎈🎊

p.s. I’m also available for commercial work 😉

#MothersDay #mom #interiordecorating #interiorstyling #home #homedecorating #decoratorsofinstagram #decoratorsoftwitter #SERrealDesigns


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