A Commercial Space Doesn’t have to be Sterile

Just because a space is “commercial”, doesn’t mean that it has to be cold and sterile.

Take a look at this conference room.  The color palette is blue and brown.  Brown is a warm color and it signifies stability, warmth, coziness, and the earth.  Natural materials bring the outdoors into a space.  We all know that nature is a natural “feel good” element for our minds so this is great.

Conference Nouveau – Conference Room

Blue is a soothing and calming color.  Here the blue patterned wallpaper gives you something to look at while you’re sitting in that long boring meeting; it’s interesting yet not too distracting.  We don’t want you falling asleep on the job do we?  Absolutely not.

Notice the chairs; they’re upholstered, which means your butt and thighs won’t stick to them when you stand up, ladies?  Am I right?

They’re comfortable enough to sit in for an extended period of time, yet the straight backs and no armrests force you to keep yourself at the table.  No headbanging happening here, thank you very much.

The space is inviting, relaxing and unintimidating, and the goal of a conference room, in my opinion, is to gather your employees together so as to facilitate streamlined communication, share ideas and problem solve.

Although it wasn’t specifically addressed in this space, a good business practice to follow when designing or having your commercial space designed is to make sure it’s accessible to everyone.  This means handicapped or disabled people.

And don’t forget about your audio/ viual materials.  Ensure any printed materials are clear, legible and provide large print formats of documents when possible.

Follow ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for width of hallways, height of counters and tables, etc.  Here’s the link for reference:

ADA Design Standards

Keeping your employees happy and comfortable, and making everyone feel that they’re a part of the team and that they matter, is crucial for a successful business.


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