Spanish Style Homes in California

If you’re from California or have ever lived here, you’ll be very familiar with this style of home.  I simply call it Spanish style.  Although, the more correct terms of Spanish Colonial and Spanish Revival are more descriptive.

Being a native Californian, Southern California no less, I grew up seeing these types of buildings, and they’re one of my favorites.

The link below is to a pin from Hadley Court; an interior design blog by Leslie Hendrix Wood.  The pin links to her article about California style homes encompassing the Spanish style.

I found it very interesting, and the photos show really magnificent examples of the California style.  A lot of whites, wood and patterns lend a feeling of openness and a connection to nature.

It’s a style I’d call “rich”; not as in money, but as in having a lot of textures.  Also the wood, and usually the patterned tile, and terra cotta tile, bring in so much for the eyes to see.


Leslie has exceptional taste and style and I’d encourage you to read her blog at Hadley Court.


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