Florida Rooms


Florida Room by SERrealDesigns

The Florida Room is a common sight in homes where the weather is warm most of the year.

Also known as a sun room, solarium, garden room, sun parlor, sun porch, patio room, garden conservatory, or winter garden, these rooms are usually attached the to main structure of a home and enclosed to keep the occupants protected from the weather.

They’re almost a “must have” in luxury homes such as those offered by Douglas Elliman of Florida – Douglas Elliman of Florida.

Even if you don’t have a luxury home, your screened in sun room or porch will do.  Just make sure that you incorporate elements of décor that make you comfortable, and stay true to your style and taste.

Here are some tips on making your “Florida Room” comfortable and cozy during the  winter season:

  1. use comfortable furniture that will look good during the warm months as well as during the cooler months
  2. make sure there’s plenty of seating for the whole family and guests that may drop by
  3. tables and stools are a must-have to sit your décor on, as well as drinks, magazines and board games
  4. make sure you have plenty of lighting – even though in these types of rooms there’ll usually be plenty of light from the windows, you may want to entertain or cozy up when it’s raining at night time
  5. use various textiles and fabrics in your décor; throws, pillows, rugs, and even wall hangings can liven up the room with color, texture and pattern.  This will keep your room from feeling like a mausoleum
  6. Bring in a lot of flowers and plants to give you the feeling that you’re still connected to nature even though you’re inside on a gloomy day
  7. Don’t forget your pets – go ahead and bring in their beds and toys to keep them occupied and so they have a soft place to curl up.  This way they can still be included in family time
  8. Artwork and other décor items can personalize your Florida Room and make it feel like an extension of your main house.  Don’t be afraid to bring in that crazy, colorful piece to hang on the wall as a focal point
  9. Wallpaper is another way to add dimension and interest to the room, too
  10. If you have a smaller room, use mirrors and mirrored furniture to bounce the light around and give the feeling of a larger space

Beautiful, light-filled Florida room looking out to the ocean – Photo credit:  Douglas Elliman of Florida
Peaceful, zen-inspired room – Photo credit: kirana kirana (via Soto Kopyok)

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