🎁🎁🎁 HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATE 🎁🎁🎁 Looking for a unique and awesome gift this holiday season?


Looking for a unique and awesome gift this holiday season? Look no more because SERreal Designs has you covered!

Picky friend or relative? Person that already has everything? Just at a loss of what to give? We’ve all been there. Everyone can use decorating help – men, women, your grandma…just imagine how surprised and excited they would be to get decorating help from a pro.


Give the gift of design, and your loved one will have a gift that gives back to them all year long.

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SERreal Designs – The Studio

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Refresh Your Space, Refresh Your Spirit


Bored with your home or office space? I can help!

Did you know that our environment and the things we surround ourselves with can make us depressed, irritable and overall grouchy?  I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about this in the past several years, I know I have.


IT’S TRUE.  The colors and décor we use in our spaces can have either a positive or negative effect on our psyche.  We always want the positive, and the best way to refresh your soul, your spirit, and your home all at the same time is to redecorate.


If you’ve got a bright red color on your living room wall and you hate red, guess what?  You’re going to be irritated every time you go in that room.  Maybe you associate red with an ex-boss who always wore a red tie  (and he was a jerk).  You associate red with bad vibes.  See what I’m saying here?

Here’s another scenario – maybe you had a night out partying at your fav Mexican restaurant that ended up with you drinking too many margaritas, and you ended up sick.  I think most of us have been there *bleck*.

Your home that you once loved (because you decorated it with sentimental items from your many trips to Mexico) now makes you want to head for the hills because all you can think about is that terribly embarassing night that left you with a bitter taste in your mouth (literally)!

Okay, you get it now don’t you?  Good, because that’s where I come in.  I’m an interior decorator.  And together, we will figure out what you like, what you don’t, what makes you feel calm and comfortable.


Your space should make you feel relaxed, inspired and peaceful.  Together we can design your new decor plan with what you love, and give you that refresh that you need so badly.


I look forward to working with you on your cool new space.


Be Unperfect

Resolutions.  It’s an old tradition isn’t it?  Making new year’s resolutions has been around for ages.

It’s kind of stressful, too. I think we all feel the pressure to be better in the new year than we were before, and to make changes in our lives.

I make resolutions, too. But rarely do I keep them. I get disappointed in myself, but I’ve got to remember that I’m only human.

All we can do is keep trying to improve. It’s a day-by-day thing; a continuing process.

I made this little graphic to remind us all that being imperfect isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes our imperfections are what makes us beautiful and unique.

Feel free to copy the graphic and put it wherever you want.


Wishing you a wonderful new year with lots of surprises, revelations, and acceptance.