Facebook Live – Featuring April Elizabeth Hewitt of AE Design

April Elizabeth Hewitt, AE Interior DesignPhoto credit: April Elizabeth Hewitt, AE Interior Design

What’s TRENDING in the design world?  Have you ever wondered why lime green is a hot color, what made it a hot color and who decided it was a hot color?

Or who decided that woven wall hangings or modular furniture was the “it” item to decorate your home with this year?  Stay tuned.

Interior designer and artist, April Elizabeth Hewitt of AE Interior Design, gives you a first-hand account of this mysterious aspect of the interior design world.

Watch, listen and learn as April explains how trends come about, and if you should use them or not.


Not only an accomplished interior designer and artist, April is well-versed in color theory, space planning, furniture and decor selection, and also deals with the retail aspects of design, as well as her own private clients.

This gives her the unique position of being able to explain this “trend” phenomenon in plain English so we all can understand.

You can also watch her video here:  April’s live video on SERreal Designs

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Welcome!  Grab a drink, kick off your shoes, and enjoy what lies within.  Let’s explore, shall we?

SERreal Designs is a fearless, bold and adventurous decorating company.  “Yes, it can be done!” is what I like to say.  Exploring what makes one uncomfortable, and then applying those discoveries to your environment can and should be an eye-opening experience.  Open up to new ideas, combine the old and the new, do whatever you want, to create a space that feels like it was designed just for you.

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