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A Rich Blue (Hues of Blue)

Blue is always a favorite color for decorating.

Blue is always a favorite color for decorating.


Sky blue, light blue, royal blue, turquoise, cornflower…there are an endless number of names for the various shades of blue.


Each one trying to capture the essence of the color, to evoke a particular feeling, and in the hopes that someone will fall in love with it.

Royal Blue

It happened to me with this shade of blue – Maritime Blue.  It’s darkness, the all-encompassing saturation of this shade of blue really does it for me.

Words I use to describe this color of blue (see if you agree with me):

  1. Dark
  2. Deep
  3. Lush
  4. Mysterious
  5. Boundless
  6. Enveloping
  7. Rich
  8. Cave-like
  9. Stable
  10. Authoritarian
  11. Moody
  12. Royal

Maritime Blue – post from SERreal Designs on Facebook (Original article by Philippa May for Country and Townhouse  – https://www.countryandtownhouse.co.uk/interiors/interiors-colour-trends-blue/)

Turquoise pattern

There are various ways to combine different blues when creating a palette of colors.

Here’s a way that I’ve used in the past:

  1. First you need to start with a hue family, which in this case would be the blue hue family.
  2. The second step is to pick a shade of blue that appeals to you.
  3. Next you will want to play around with various shades of the blue you chose – meaning you’ll look at blues that are either darker or lighter than your chosen color.
  4. Pick blues that are close together on the color wheel for a cohesive and pleasing look.

Tip:  Use a color wheel to help you figure out what other blues are in the same hue family.

Here’s a great example of several shades of blue used in a color palette, along with some accent colors to round out the whole color scheme.

You can obtain some really striking effects even within the same hue family by using a very light shade of the color you’ve chosen as an accent color.

Color Inspiration 73 @DunnEdwards Paint

Photo credit:  Lori Sawaya at swatchright.com

Colorgraphicals, Swatch right, and The Land of Color

The above graphic comes from Lori Sawaya who blogs at The Land of Color.

The graphic is called a “Colorgraphical” and you can find it on her website at Swatch Right.  Lori developed the Swatch Right system to enable easier paint sample testing.

Lori’s a well-known and respected color strategist who uses colorimetry (see Wikipedia definition) to specify architectural color for the built environment.

She’s also the brains and expert behind “Camp Chroma“.  Camp Chroma is a color course for those who use color in their profession or business, and it’s also for anyone who wants to learn about how color works, and the science and history behind it.

Okay back to Maritime Blue.  The name is seaworthy, don’t you think?  I think the name is, because of the word “maritime”.  However, this blue doesn’t remind me necessarily of the sea or an ocean because it’s too dark, (personal opinion here).

It does remind me of a lake.  A smooth, tranquil lake up in the mountains surrounded by pine trees.  Barely noticeable ripples on the surface from the fish swimming below, or the dragonflies dipping in for a swift drink of the cool water.  Ahhh yes, that’s it.  But I’m drifting off to dream here.  I think you can see my vision.

No matter what you picture when you gaze upon this color, remember that you can play with it in your space, whether it be your bedroom, a den, or even your workspace.

Go bold and paint the whole room, or be demure and use subtle hints of this blue in your accent decor.

Have fun with it!

Spanish Style Homes in California

If you’re from California or have ever lived here, you’ll be very familiar with this style of home.  I simply call it Spanish style.  Although, the more correct terms of Spanish Colonial and Spanish Revival are more descriptive.

Being a native Californian, Southern California no less, I grew up seeing these types of buildings, and they’re one of my favorites.

The link below is to a pin from Hadley Court; an interior design blog by Leslie Hendrix Wood.  The pin links to her article about California style homes encompassing the Spanish style.


I found it very interesting, and the photos show really magnificent examples of the California style.  A lot of whites, wood and patterns lend a feeling of openness and a connection to nature.

It’s a style I’d call “rich”; not as in money, but as in having a lot of textures.  Also the wood, and usually the patterned tile, and terra cotta tile, bring in so much for the eyes to see.


Leslie has exceptional taste and style and I’d encourage you to read her blog at Hadley Court.

He Visits Her

He Visits Her

He Visits Her by serrealdesigns featuring a landscape picture

Brass crystal chandelier

$895 – neimanmarcus.com

Liora Manné indoor outdoor runner




Bed pillow


J Queen New York bed pillow


Chanel paris bathroom accessory


National Tree Company outdoor pot


Kensie window curtain panel


NOVICA cross home decor


Brown curtain panel


Wooden wall art


NOVICA oil pastel painting


Landscape picture


Nearly Natural rose bouquet


Fall candle holder


Modena caster chair

$1,295 – multiyork.co.uk

Antique white table

$905 – serendipityhomeinteriors.com

Reclaimed barn wood furniture


B Ella antique white chair


Elemis body treatment


Autumn Sitting Room

Autumn Sitting Room

A Commercial Space Doesn’t have to be Sterile

Just because a space is “commercial”, doesn’t mean that it has to be cold and sterile.

Take a look at this conference room.  The color palette is blue and brown.  Brown is a warm color and it signifies stability, warmth, coziness, and the earth.  Natural materials bring the outdoors into a space.  We all know that nature is a natural “feel good” element for our minds so this is great.

Conference Nouveau – Conference Room

Blue is a soothing and calming color.  Here the blue patterned wallpaper gives you something to look at while you’re sitting in that long boring meeting; it’s interesting yet not too distracting.  We don’t want you falling asleep on the job do we?  Absolutely not.

Notice the chairs; they’re upholstered, which means your butt and thighs won’t stick to them when you stand up, ladies?  Am I right?

They’re comfortable enough to sit in for an extended period of time, yet the straight backs and no armrests force you to keep yourself at the table.  No headbanging happening here, thank you very much.

The space is inviting, relaxing and unintimidating, and the goal of a conference room, in my opinion, is to gather your employees together so as to facilitate streamlined communication, share ideas and problem solve.

Although it wasn’t specifically addressed in this space, a good business practice to follow when designing or having your commercial space designed is to make sure it’s accessible to everyone.  This means handicapped or disabled people.

And don’t forget about your audio/ viual materials.  Ensure any printed materials are clear, legible and provide large print formats of documents when possible.

Follow ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for width of hallways, height of counters and tables, etc.  Here’s the link for reference:

ADA Design Standards

Keeping your employees happy and comfortable, and making everyone feel that they’re a part of the team and that they matter, is crucial for a successful business.

Eccentric Royalty – Private Great Room

Eccentric Royalty - Private Great Room

Ceiling mounted light
$9,205 – neimanmarcus.com

Window curtain

Brass candelabra

Visionnaire flower wallpaper
$1,095 – luisaviaroma.com

Antique home decor

Yellow home decor

Home wall decor

Butterfly wall art
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Sarreid red couch

Gold coffee table

Tropical Flair Bedroom

Tropical Flair Bedroom

Tropical wall art
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Printable wall art
$8.15 – etsy.com

Sanderson Paint – Beach Beige
$5.82 – fabricsandpapers.com

Berries & Black Home Office

Berries & Black Home Office

Minimalist Space

Minimalist Space